Quality policy

The main objective of the Fa. Stahl-Volánspec Acélszerkezet-Gyártó Ltd., that he might fill an important role in structural steel fabrication, trailer manufacturing, trailer service and spare part action, in that it carries out its activities after full compliance the customer desires.
In our business policy, the following efforts are to be asserted:

  • In the organization of our activities we regard as important the measurement of the exact demand our customers. In the interest of our stable and continuous expanding customer relationship the most important ambition of us, the customers requested quality and vereinbahrten delivery must be strictly observed.
  • We expect our employees to clean reliable methodology, should you consider the responsibility for the quality share your work. In the interests of quality workmanship we employ staff with adequate experience, and we provide the necessary training to do so.
  • We expect our suppliers, service providers that you keep our quality goals before the eye, and meet the performance requirements of our quality and deadlines. In the interest of this expectation, we regularly evaluate your activities and we strive to a close cooperation.
  • We are preferring the certified suppliers. In the implementation and monitoring of our activities and operations we focus on the prevention and avoidance of inefficient workmanship. In addition, we consider the important continuous improve the services rendered by us – in terms of the expectations of our customers.

In the interest of the above goals, we realize the expansion, the functioning and the certification of the quality system the requirements of applicable international quality standard ISO 9001:2008

We assure the quality of our products and services in that we

  • secure the required resource,
  • handle customer requirements flexible,
  • feed back to operations the remarks complaint our customers and our experiences,
  • keep the regulation of the quality system.

We ensure that our quality policy to know all level of our organization, and we expect our employees to comply with the requirements of our quality management system.

Our company is to satisfy the customers and the legal systems requirements, also connected for the improvement of our quality system, so we develop our quality management system continuously with the development of human and material conditions.

Managers of our company are connected to the implementation of the set in the quality policy objectives.

Veresegyház, the 1st january of 2006.


Pál Muka and Ádám Muka
general directors